Digital notice board

Product name:  Digital informative and bulletin board

Team leader: Mislav Čizmić


Digital bulletin board is an integral software solution for managing and displaying content on displays in remote locations, such as residential buildings, municipalities, cities, counties, or all places where there is a need to display notices, tenders, information and presentations under constant supervision and in real time.

The digital board once and for all replaces outdated billboards (wooden cabinets), on which today representatives of tenants, public or public sector employees also print nice notices, and modernize the lobbies of public buildings or apartment buildings in line with the most advanced Scandinavian countries.

Top design, real-time updates, dynamic additions such as hours, dates, weather forecasts, etc. are just some of the range of useful content that is a modern but completely environmentally friendly "green" solution, and improves communication between providers and users of information, e.g. between a city or municipality with a local population.

Digital bulletin board is based on cloud technology. The sender of the content manually or automatically (predefined) sends the documents he wants to display on the bulletin board, and they are synchronized in real time and displayed on displays in the specified locations. The digital bulletin board can be connected to databases, and it will automatically display selected data from an existing database, without the need for additional human work. Eg in the case of residential buildings, it is possible to automatically break down and link data on a specific building from a central database on a screen placed in the lobby of the building via a digital bulletin board.

• review of archived building data

• review of active data on the building (current work plan, current works on the building, reserve status, revenues and expenditures, tenders, review of online offers, etc.)

• sending and receiving notifications, proposals and legal news

• review of documents on request

• sending proposals for urgent or urgent repairs and proposals for regular entry of works in the Work Plan by the co-owners of the building


DIgital board users view the posted content via keys or with the help of a touch screen.

As mentioned above, the digital bulletin board market consists of all multi-storey residential buildings, all counties / cities / municipalities or public administration places, consumer goods trade, or all places where it is necessary to display data, and without physical access, environmentally friendly replace previously displayed real-time data.

Naziv tvrtke: Smart Building j.d.o.o.

Team members: Mislav Čizmić, inovacija, razrada programa