Litto Agency

Product name: Litto Agency

Team leader: Antonio Perić


Litto offers an individual approach to each landlord and guest. By researching the market, we recognized that most renters have similar problems and needs around which they need help. Litto brings a modern approach to tourism using web and mobile technologies and uses all the possibilities of online marketing in order to increase the number of guests, overnight stays and sales of additional content.

Each Litto partner will receive free mobile applications that bring our business to a simpler but more efficient level.

Our goal is satisfied landlords and guests. With the development of technology, we strive to connect and implement new technological discoveries in the field of tourism and thus simplify the business of accommodation renters. In addition, we want to provide tourists with the opportunity to view all the additional benefits in one place, as well as online support throughout the day. Our mission is to continue to develop and combine technology and marketing, which we believe will help in branding Croatia as one of the leading tourist destinations and thus enable the development of tourism and reduce seasonality.

Technology is evolving faster day by day and it is uncertain that we need to follow and develop new trends in order to be faster, better and of better quality. Technology allows us to easily book accommodation and more effective communication with guests, and through numerous channels allows a larger number of reservations. We are here to show that technology and tourism are a perfect blend.

Why choose Litto?

Individual approach to partners.

We adjust our way of working according to your wishes and needs.

We take over communication with guests. You no longer have to worry about tourists getting lost "somewhere around Plitvice".

Presence on all essential channels

We advertise your apartment on more than ten partner channels using modern marketing methods.

We take care of tax collection and payment (VAT)

Leave it to us to take care of additional costs, tourist taxes and tax liabilities.

0 / 24h support for guests and renters

Our agents are available at any time of the day or night.

Transparent business

There are no hidden or additional costs - we stick to what has been agreed and you have an insight into the situation at all times.


A combination of tourism and technology

The goal and mission of Litto agencies is to effectively use the availability of new media, technology, marketing promotions and advertising channels - in order to ultimately offer the perfect service to tourists, but also to local renters.

That part is not so revolutionary, but the mobile applications we have developed could definitely make it easier for you to do business in tourism. Both applications are the product of thorough market research and we want to solve the problems faced by tourists and renters.

Let's start with the first problem - filling out the guest registration form on the eVisitor platform can be a daunting task, especially if there are eight nervous guests standing next to you who have just spent 12 hours in the car. Enter your first name, then last name, date of birth, document number, and then comes the confusing part where you don't know if it's your place of birth or your current place of residence. Don’t worry, we’ve all found ourselves in that situation!

That is why we have developed a solution that will shorten the whole process in just two clicks! The Litto mobile app offers the option of registering guests using only the camera on your smartphone, which scans all types of domestic and foreign identification documents from the unique code.


Another application that we offer to Litto partners completely free of charge is the mobile-suite app, which will contain in one place a wide range of excursions, transfers and personalized programs that tourists can book in just one click. In addition to the offer, the application has a 0-24h chat option that allows us to respond to all guest inquiries as soon as possible.


Free applications for Litto partners:

For owners
Litto CheckIn is a mobile application that allows easy registration of guests in the eVisitor system by photographing documents (passport, ID, etc.), and provides insight into basic statistics and an overview of season performance.

For guests is a mobile application intended for tourists who can find out more about their accommodation with just a few clicks, but also easily book additional content such as tours and excursions.

Service packages for renters
Increase bookings, support, maintenance or online advertising - choose the type of collaboration that suits your needs.


Founded:  2018.

Team members: Antonio Perić, Marko Maljković, Marta Curin, Iva Kegalj




Media: Splitsko Litto preuzima rezervacije i prijave gostiju, ali i druge brige domaćih iznajmljivača


Više o timu:


Marko Maljkovic - Managing partner at Locastic


Antonio Perić-Mažar - CEO at Locastic


Marta Curin - CEO and General manager @ LITTO travel agency