#6 ProductTank Split

#6 ProductTank Split

Next ProductTank Split meetup is around the corner. Next Thursday, November 8th you will be able to meet and learn from Marko Mišulić featuring Rentlio.

Marko will share his first-hand experience on building Rentlio SaaS. If you are curious to discover the business side behind the product development, these are just the opening remarks of the upcoming talk:

💡How to tackle product development while doubling user base each year?
💡How to keep team motivated while being focused on your vision?
💡How to handle a product roadmap and maintain the Net Promoter Score above 80?

6:00 pm - 6:30 pm --- Warming up!
6:30 pm - 7:15 pm --- Marko Mišulić (Rentlio)
7:15 pm - 🍕🍻 --- Networking & fun :)

*** Marko Mišulić is the founder and CEO of Rentlio, a software development company, based in Zadar, Croatia. Previously, he spent almost eight years working in the asset management industry where he specialized in portfolio optimization models. After recognizing the need for an advanced technological solution in vacation rental management, he quit his job and assembled the team to develop the Rentlio, a cloud-based application for property and channel management. Marko is responsible for delivering the company’s vision to life. Under his management, Rentlio has become the leader in the domestic market and globally accepted SaaS with users in more than 40 countries worldwide.