Tinel #18 - CISEx Friday

Tinel #18 - CISEx Friday

It's been a while, everyone. New month - new edition of Tinel Meetup is ready to unfold.

This time around, they joined forces with Croatia Independent Software Exporters (CISEx) organization in order to run an event from a completely new perspective.

Their new guest is none other than Miljenko Bakovic from Rimac Automobili who will try his best to give you a completely new and fresh perspective into the thought process behind building a semi-autonomous all-electric sports car.

Miljenko is in charge of Rimac's Research and Development department in Split, Croatia and we're sure that everyone is eager to see his thoughts on how successful that venture was, or currently is.

They definitely suggest that you confirm your attendance for the event, as soon as possible. Sure, you can follow the event via the official stream by Split Tech City, but then you'll miss out on some amazing treats from their events partners.

As per usual - free pizza, beers, and cakes are up for grabs, thanks to friends from Bokamorra Pizzaurant, LAB Split Craft Brewery, Biberon Cakes.

Confirm your attendance now and see you at the #18th edition of Tinel Meetup!

** This event will be organized with the support of HAMAG BICRO and EEN agencies.